“To do the planning is not necessary to be crazy, but the fact of being helps.”


We work

We work every day with passion and enthusiasm to help companies and individuals manage their projects with a practical and competitive approach. We take care of project management. We strictly take care in all phases, from concept to delivery. We like to work with the customers in the way of change, individual and organizational, triggered by the project.

We see

We see every job, regardless of size, as a partnership with the customer. Each project is an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and professionalism and give customers our passion. Because we are sure that this is the right way to get good results.

We create

We create and share values of the actions with all stakeholders with a constant commitment to continuous improvement of quality and transparency, because we believe in what we do. Like you.

Help people improve their skills and achieve their goals with innovative tools and methods.

We want to be a reference in broadcasting services and the evaluation of, Knowledge Management and Change.

Ethics: respect for moral and human values.

Responsibility: always give priority to serious and reliable options.

Quality: constantly improve the products and services we offer.

Innovation: drive innovation by research and continuous training.

Action: be proactive and well-timed, ensuring rapid response to customers and partners.

Participation: facilitate communication, participation and interest of the stakeholders.



Raffaele Tirelli
CEO / Project manager

Anna Buonaiuto

Elvira Tirelli
Docente / Content and translation manager

Samuel Santana
Project Manager

What do we do?

We firmly believe that achieving strategic objectives passes through the development of people.

Solutions and Services of Assessment Management, a strategic key to the knowledge systems of organizations and professional competence.

Scope, baseline, risk, WBS…but first let’s start with training.

Training and Operative Coaching service to firmly insert the Project Management techniques in the “internal” organization of the company.

What matters is to know what to do, why and how.

Management Consulting solutions for tactical and operational support in project management, integral solutions of project management and training.

A new project: a question of viability.

We work to ensure a successful conclusion of the project, from feasibility studies to verify the general assumptions and conditions of the context in which you want to act.

Why us?

Because we are flexible, agile and profitable.

Because after 20 years of working for all types of customers, we look forward to work on new projects.

Because the value of getting involved and find new ways, makes us younger.

Because we want to be great, and the only way we know is to grow your business.

Because we never close.

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